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Vehicle Storage

When it comes time to park the RV, you may find yourself feeling like your driveway is a lot smaller. Summer ends, the cold rolls in, and you begin to feel less and less like taking your motorcycle out for a long ride. With a shift in seasons can come a problem that no one likes having to solve. Fortunately, we can help. At Pass Road Mini Storage, you might find we can store things that are not so mini.

RV Storage & Boat Storage

Exterior parking spaces are perfect for large vehicles you might not want in your driveway, back yard, or garage. The RV which promised luxury on the open road does not look luxurious taking up half your driveway. Your boat, a staple of family fishing trips, is now making it impossible to park the car inside the garage during the cold winter months. These vehicles, if left under covered parking, or even exterior parking, would not be damaged for the wear. Save your space at home and come to Pass Road Mini Storage for all your vehicle storage needs!

Collector’s cars, new or old, are not the sort of thing you drive through snow, motorcycles, ATVs, and PWCs are also often left in the garage, covered with a tarp, for half the year or more. You should not waste your space at home when you could keep them with us. Such vehicles are the pride and joy of those who keep them, and we understand that.

Vehicle, Motorhome, or boat Storage Requirements for Parking


  • Vehicle storage requires proof of ownership/registration
  • Vehicle must be operational
  • Vehicle requires insurance
  • Valid driver license or photo ID